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Find the Money You Need The Paycheck Power® Booster®

  • Our Paycheck Power® Booster® calculator shows how curtailing impulse buying and routine spending on "little things" can result in big savings for important goals.

    Standard calculator orders will have a blank space on side 2 where the sample text is printed. (See product image for side 2.)

    Personalized orders will be printed with a logo and contact or program information on 1 side in black or one color ink.

    This calculator may also be personalized on side 1 (the green side) with your list of items and/or prices on the "Typical Retail Prices" chart. For example, you may remove "Fast food meal," edit the price of the item, or add new items such as Vaping, Manicure/Pedicure, Music Download or Netflix/Streaming Services.

    Please call us at 800-323-6809 or email us with any questions!

  • Flat rate shipping of $7.95

Minimum of 12

To edit the quantity, highlight the number in box and type in your amount. 

*There is a minimum quantity of 250 to personalize. 
*There is no additional cost to personalize.
*More info for personalized orders is below.