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Save water, save money! 

The idea behind this calculator came from providing a piece that helps people to save money and conserve a resource that is rapidly being depleted from the globe. Originally envisioned as a tool for LIHEAP programs, community action and municipalities who have LIHWAP programs to provide an economic education element and meet Assurance 16 requirements, this sliding calculator has a wider appeal for everyone from cooperative extension programs, economic empowerment organizations and homeownership education providers. 


Put your logo, contact and program information and a QR code on the calculator if you order 250 or more! 


This product will be ready to ship soon -- please contact Kirby Williams, our Publishing Director, for more info. 


Interested in a sample? Email Kirby. 

Water Savings Booster®

Expected to ship by the end of May.
  • Minimum order: 12

    Minimum to personalize: 250 


  • If you are purchasing on behalf of a tax-exempt organization and cannot get the site to remove the tax, please reach out to Kirby Williams, Publishing Director by email:

    She can email you an invoice showing your tax exempt status that will have the tax removed. Thank you!

Minimum of 12

To edit the quantity, highlight the number in box and type in your amount. 

*There is a minimum quantity of 250 to personalize. 
*There is no additional cost to personalize.
*More info for personalized orders is below. 

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