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It's here! Order the tabletop display "big calculator" (20 inches tall) version of Student Loan Smarts™ today, personalized with your program logo

QR code, contact/program information AND 25 handheld size "Student Loan Smarts™" slide calculators for students, peer mentors, counselors, or parents. 

NOTE: the 25 handheld size calculators will not be personalized, the big 20 inch calculator will be personalized. To have the handheld size calculators personalized, please order 225 more of this size (so that you will meet our minimum for personalizing of 250 handheld size calculators. We are happy to discount the 225 calculators at a price of 1.75 each instead of 1.99 each to help meet your needs. To get this discount, please go to the Student Loan Smarts "Event Set." listing.


This is an interactive, tactile way to help students understand the effect that paying more than the minimum payment has on their total time in debt and total interest paid. Financial aid offices, financial wellness centers and all programs that assist people with paying their student loans need to have this tool. 


Student Loan Smarts™ shows the true cost of a student loan including interest (assumed 5.05% interest rate on a 10 -year federal loan) and gives the borrower incentive to pay it off more quickly by adding a bit more each month to the minimum payment. Shows a reduction in payment time and interest saved. 


Standard calculator orders will have a blank space, as pictured in the photo.

Personalized orders will be printed with a logo, QR code and contact or program information on 1 side. 

We’re here to answer any questions and happy to assist in any way. Please call us at 800-323-6809 or 617-742-3222 or email Kirby at if we can be of assistance!


For personalization:  Place your order here and one of our team members will contact you by email after payment for your logo and other details.

You may also choose to email Kirby Williams at or call us at 800-323-6809 or 617-742-3222 (x. 105) to order.



NOTE: For these products, please ignore the "Minimum quantity" text on the right as well as "*There is a minimum quantity of 250 to personalize. *There is no additional cost to personalize.*More info for personalized orders is below." These options do not apply in this case.

Student Loan Smarts Educator's Presentation Set


    Minimum of 12

    To edit the quantity, highlight the number in box and type in your amount. 

    *There is a minimum quantity of 250 to personalize. 
    *There is no additional cost to personalize.
    *More info for personalized orders is below. 

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