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For the Tiktok intok and instagram live financial literacy educators we offer a big calculatorpersonalized (with your logo, social media accounts and a QR code.) This 20 inch tall (that’s almost 2 feet!) working slide calculator is perfect for online events, in person classes, counseling and even as an interactive tabletop display. 

You’ll also get 25 each of 3 titles OR 50 each of 2 titles of handheld size slide calculator, which will personalized for you with a sticker designed, printed and applied by our graphic design team. You’ll even receive extra stickers to use for marketing. 
This is the perfect set for a new AFC, PFM or educator getting out to in person AND virtual financial wellness events and marketing their business while teaching. It’s also great for programs that want to test out Advantage tools that are personalized but cannot order the minimum quantity.

The handheld size calculators serve as an interactive and fun business card and educational tool that people will keep.

Thank you to Markia Brown, AFC® for inspiring this set and for trying it out!


We will email you after your order to arrange sending your logo and other files. You will get to see what your sticker looks like (and request edits) before it prints. 

Personalized Content Creator Kit

  • If you want 25 each of 3 titles: use the menu to choose 3 titles

    If you want 50 each of 2 titles, make your first 2 choices and then choose "I want 50 of each" on the 3rd choice option

Minimum of 12

To edit the quantity, highlight the number in box and type in your amount. 

*There is a minimum quantity of 250 to personalize. 
*There is no additional cost to personalize.
*More info for personalized orders is below. 

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