Use this page if you are also ordering the Educator's Classroom Presentation Set in the Paycheck Power® Booster® title and would like to purchase additonal regular sized slide calculators (of the same title as those in your set) for your set at the special price of $1.75 each.


If you are ordering more than 225 regular sized calculators (which including the 25 calculators you are ordering in the Classroom Set meets our minimum order of 250) you may also choose to personalize your regular sized slide calculators in black or one color ink at no additional cost. If you choose "personalized" and meet the minimum quantity of 225 (and have also ordered the Classroom Set) you will be contacted by email for your logo and contact information to place on the regular sized calculators. 

Add-On ONLY: Add more Paycheck Power® Boosters® to the Classroom Set

SKU: MISC-extra
Paycheck Power® Booster® extra calculators
  • You may only add extra Paycheck Power® Booster® calculators at a price of $1.75 if you are also purchasing a Classroom Advantage Educator's Presentation Set in the Paycheck Power® title

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Minimum of 12

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*There is a minimum quantity of 250 to personalize. 
*There is no additional cost to personalize.
*More info for personalized orders is below.