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''Virtually'' THE BEST

Online Teaching Tool

for Financial Education!

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Introducing our Digital Paycheck Power® Booster® Calculator! Now you can remotely teach budgeting, goal setting, and “wants vs. needs” money-saving lessons to students near and far easily and effectively and brand it with YOUR logo!

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Remote Learning: BOOSTED

All of the lessons incorporated in our best-selling “Paycheck Power Booster®” slide calculator, also known as “Where to Find the Money You Need” – budgeting, goal setting, saving, and navigating between wanted and needed expenses are now available online on Advantage’s “Virtual Slide Calculator.” Personalized with your name, logo, and contact information.


The hard copy version of “The Paycheck Power Booster®” slide calculator has been distributed to over one million people. It is a trusted teaching and learning tool that offers a behavior-based solution to help users stop impulse spending and to save for retirement, college, and other goals.

Your personalized digital calculator URL can be used for:

  • Remote Learning

  • Online Financial Counseling

  • Webinars

  • During Presentations

  • Homebuyer Education Classes

  • Financial Readiness Training

  • Student Money Management Centers

  • Curriculum for High School and College Classes

  • Posted on your social media as an attention grabber




We’re excited to offer LESSON PLANS with a subscription to the Digital Paycheck Power® Booster® Calculator!

Developed by acclaimed educator Dr. Barbara O’Neill, Ph.D., CFP®, CRPC, AFC®, CHC, CFEd, CFCS, CPFFE, Distinguished Professor Emerita, Rutgers University and Owner/CEO, Money Talk: Financial Planning Seminars and Publications, each has three different learning activities to help students truly understand the cost of “little things” over time.


One lesson plan is for middle school-aged students, the other for high school students (and are certainly suitable for students in college or those receiving financial counseling/in financial education classes with a few minor changes.) 

Digital Calculator Subscription Pricing

One Year Unlimited Subscription: Digital Calculator personalized with your logo, message.

Click below to send us an email asking for a call back and a quote.

Comes with 2 lesson plans written by Dr. Barbara O’Neill. The lesson plans come as PDFs, one for middle schoolers, one for high school-aged students.

The subscription allows for an unlimited number of “views” or uses so that your entire organization can use the link to send to students, teachers, counselors, use in webinars and presentations, and post on your website if desired.

When purchasing a subscription you will receive a unique URL that displays “your” Paycheck Power Booster® slide calculator: branded with your logo and a few lines of text. 

We are now accepting subscription orders via email and phone only. Click below to send Kirby an email asking for a call back and a quote.

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What about the other calculator titles? We plan to release the other calculator titles as digital calculators as demand and orders dictate.

How To Use The Online Version

On the Demo, simply click on the red arrows at the top and bottom of the calculator to manipulate the amount one spends per day and see how these daily purchases add up over a year. (On this prototype, some of the data lines are blurred.) Flip the calculator over for an illustration of how the same daily expense adds up over time. An eye-opening way to show audiences where their money goes.

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